Why join Ladbrokes Partners ?

It pays to join Ladbrokes Partners. All you need is a simple website and basic online marketing know-how to:

  1. Join our affiliate programme for free;
  2. Advertise Ladbrokes’ Sports, Casino, Poker, and Games;
  3. Generate profits over the lifetime of your players without any risk.

What is Ladbrokes Partners affiliate programme ?

As a Ladbrokes Partners affiliate, you’ll partner with the world’s biggest gaming and betting brand, and be paid for every new depositing player you send. Simply choose which of our world-renowned products you’d like to promote, and we’ll pay you for every referred customer that deposits and leaves behind a profit.

How do I join ?

To register simply click the ‘Join’ button which can be found at the top of every page on the Ladbrokes Partners site. You can also send an email to if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Can I join the programme if I live outside the UK?

Ladbrokes Partners welcomes affiliates from around the world, with the exclusion of affiliates who reside in and/or operate from the United States and its territories.

Please note, however, that Ladbrokes products are not available to players residing in certain “restricted territories”. For a full list of restricted territories, please see our restricted territories.

If you live in any of these territories, you should geo target your promotions to be available only to Belgian potential customers. Please consult the terms and conditions for any additional information.

Who is my target audience?

Your main target is the Belgium market. Our account managers will use this information to help you target your campaigns and provide you with better service.

What are you commission structure ?

We calculate your commission payments based on the number of new customers you send to our sites. Ladbrokes Partners has designed commission structures that help you maximise your revenues across all of the brands. You can view our commission plans by clicking on the commission section of the navigation menu.

How do you define a new player?

A new player is any customer who has opened an account with for the first time and has not previously made a deposit on brand. Please note that Ladbrokes’ products are not available for promotion to players residing in “restricted territories”.

Do I earn commission on every transaction/bet made by my visitors?

You earn commissions on all transactions/bets generated by your visitors when they visit and generate a profit. However, you do not earn commissions on transactions/bets when:

  1. The transaction is completed offline (for example, through a Ladbrokes shop) and/or;
  2. The transaction is generated by a link that is not tracked with the relevant tracking code.

Do I earn commission on my own deposits or wagers?

No. We do not allow affiliates to earn commission from their own customer accounts. Please consult the full terms and conditions of the programme for any detailed explanation.

Is there a maximum to how much I can earn?

No. As long as you keep referring new players, there’s no limit to the amount of revenue you can earn while promoting the name.

What payment methods can I choose?

You can choose any of the following payment methods:

  1. Electronic transfer
  2. UK BACS transfer
  3. Neteller
  4. Skrill
  5. HiPay

Can I have my commission paid into my Ladbrokes betting account ?

No. As per our Terms and Conditions, we cannot process your commission payment directly into your Ladbrokes customer account.

Where are the free marketing tools I can use to promote on my website?

Ladbrokes Partners provides a large selection of banners, text links and related marketing material for use in promoting all of the products. To access these tools, log in to your account and visit the ‘Marketing Tools’ section.

How do I create links and add them to my site?

We have hundreds of types of links to our products for you to choose from in the ‘Marketing Tools’ section that can be found after logging in to your Ladbrokes Partners account. Once you have chosen the link you prefer, you can use the automatic tracking code generator to create HTML code, which you can then embed into your site. The system for doing so is very user-friendly, even for beginners, and it only takes a matter of seconds to create a link. You can also create as many links as you like.

How many links can I put on my site that redirect my visitors to

You can put as many links on your site as you like.

Can I request special banners and marketing tools for my site?

Yes, you can. If you have a special request for a banner or any other marketing material, please contact your affiliate account manager directly.

What are the PPC and SEO policies? Restricted keywords, etc?

You may not purchase or register keywords, search terms or other identifiers for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service, or other search or referral service, and which are identical or similar to any of trademarks or otherwise include the word Ladbrokes or variations thereof, or include metatag keywords on the Partner Site which are identical or similar to any of Ladbrokes’ trademarks. In addition, you may not run e-mail marketing on your behalf without the consent of your affiliate manager.

How safe and secure is my information?

Your Ladbrokes Partners account information is completely safe and secure. For more information on how we ensure your privacy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and privacy policy for any additional information.

What are Ladbrokes Partners responsibilities?

We are here to help by providing all the marketing material and account management services you will need to promote the name. The ‘Marketing Tools’ section, found after logging in to your Ladbrokes Partners account, includes text-links, creative material and much more.

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions for Ladbrokes Partners affiliates ?

You can read our Ladbrokes Partners Affiliate Term and Conditions and privacy policy by clicking here.

Can you tell me more about Adult content and other policies ?

We do not allow Ladbrokes Partners affiliates to promote any adult content, or material that goes against human rights on the same sites that they are promoting Ladbrokes or any of the Ladbrokes brands. If you add adult content after being accepted as a Ladbrokes Partners affiliate, your account will be suspended and you will forfeit any commissions earned. Please refer to our Ladbrokes Partners Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

I still have questions. Where can I get more help ?

Our team of professional and courteous account managers are always happy to help. If you are an existing Ladbrokes Partners affiliate, please contact your affiliate manager directly. If you have yet to sign up to be a Ladbrokes Partner, please send an email to for additional assistance.

Account management

What can I do in the event that I lose my login details ?

You may request a new password by clicking on the ‘’Forgot Password’’ link on the affiliate log-in page. When you have filled in your username, click Submit. You will either be asked your “secret question” or an email will be sent with a temporary password. If you do not know your username, please contact your affiliate manager.

How can I control what communications I am receiving for a particular program ?

You may subscribe/ unsubscribe from any unwanted communications by selecting as such in the “Subscriptions” section of your account.

How do I change the payment method associated to my affiliate account ?

You can find this information by consulting the “Updating Payment Methods” help file.


How can I see a general overview of how well my campaign(s) are performing ?

On your home page, you can consult the “Quick Stats” and you can also run a “Quick Summary Report”. These reports will provide you with your basic KPIs. You can find more details by consulting the “Quick Overview of the Program” in the help files.

How do I know which of my sub-affiliates/referred members are generating commissions for me during a given period ?

You can find any and all figures relating to referred affiliates by pulling a “Referral Report”. You can find more details by consulting the “Managing your Sub-Affiliate Referrals” help file.

How can I review my player registrations ?

The home page of your program will indicate how many registrations you have had to date. The registration figures can also be viewed from a variety of system reports. Additionally, you can use the “Traffic Report” to review your registration ratios. You can find more details by consulting the “Monitoring your Earnings” in the help files.

How can I find the total revenue generated by a specific player?

A full breakdown of player revenue can be found by consulting your affiliate “Account Report”. You can find more details by consulting the “Monitoring player traffic” in the help files.

How can I review which are my top converting banners?

The most simply way of doing this is by using the “Banner Report”. This report provides a wealth of statistical information relating to banners and their performance. You can find more details by consulting the “Monitoring your Creatives” help file.

Where can I see the total commissions earned for a given month?

Total commissions earned can be viewed under the “Total Commissions” column for each report or by pulling a “Quick Summary” or “Earnings Report”.

I would like to receive an email notification whenever there is an update to the information found in the system reports. Is this possible?

While the above functionality is not currently available, you do have the ability to pull reports through an API Feed rather than logging into the system each time. The data in the program will be updated every 24 hours.

Creative Related

Where can I pull basic tracking code?

Each creative has a basic tracking code, which can be used for personal creative such as blogs newsletters, etc. This code can be pulled in the “Get your Ads” section of the program.

When I pull a banner from the system will my tracking code be auto-populated with the required information?

Yes, when pulling a tracking code the system will automatically add the selected site ID and creative ID.

What do the variables in the tracking links stand for?

There are three key variables inherent in the btag (or tracking link).Btag = a_(x)b_(x)c_(x)

A relates to the Site ID, this is a unique tracker which identifies an affiliate’s site and tags any relevant data to it.

B relates to the Creative ID, the marker of the creative that you have chosen to upload to your site.

C is the ACID/keyword. This can be populated with a keyword used in a PPC campaign or other promotional efforts to better evaluate their performance through the system reports.

Can I modify the banner code?

This is not recommended as you may accidentally disable click-through tracking, which will result in your data not being tracked and inaccurate commission payments. If you require keyword tracking, the program does allow the addition of a keyword within the tracking code.

What is a Flash banner?

A Flash banner is an optimized animation file that allows for a click-through to track website traffic.

When a player clicks on a banner, when is the information regarding the click-through and the impression displayed in the system?

Clicks and impressions are displayed within the first 20 minutes after being registered.

How can I track my PPC campaigns?

You can track your PPC campaign by adding keywords to your creatives and monitor them by using an ACID report. You can find more details by consulting the “PPC tracking” and “Monitoring Offline Codes and Keywords” documents in the help files.

Do I have to set up a new account if I want to add a new site/tracking profile?

Instead of opening a new affiliate account we recommended adding a new site or tracking profile to your existing account. This will ensure that your payments are streamlined in a way that is clear and easy to understand. You can find more details by consulting the “Tracking with different websites and marketing channels” document in the help files.

Can I only add websites under my Tracking Profile section?

The “Affiliate Tracking Profiles” section enables you to add and manage affiliate site IDs/profile IDs for your own tracking purposes. This way new IDs can be created for additional websites that you operate, PPC campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, email campaigns, offline marketing and any other area where you need separate tracking.

Can I use the same creative for different websites?

As long as it is not outside the “Terms of Use Agreement” with the operator, you can promote the same creatives for all your websites. You are also able to track your websites separately by adding the other websites to your profile. You can find more details by consulting the “Tracking with Different Websites and Marketing Channels” document in the help files.

How do I change my site ID for banners?

When changing the site ID for banners, you will need to pull a new tracking code for that creative. If you have trouble locating the creative, you can use the b_tag from your old tracking codes to find the creative ID number.

Before you make this change, a new site profile needs to be created, if not already in existence. You can find more details on how to create and pull tracking codes with different sites by consulting the “Tracking with Different Websites and Marketing Channels” document in the help files.

I have a broken link on my website where my banner should be. What should I do?

Make sure that the banner code contains the appropriate tracking code and is still active. When investigating if the banner is still active or if the tracking code is correct, run a creative search with the creative ID (this is found in the Btag in the tracking code).

If you cannot find the creative it is no longer in use and should be changed. Also, if the code was altered in any way from what was originally pulled from the system, it will result in a broken link.

Does Income Access use Connextra banners?

Income Access supports Connextra banners. If the program uses Connextra, you will be able to see this option in the “Creative Type” dropdown when searching for creatives.

I have a high number of clicks but no registrations? Is this unusual?

This could signify a couple of things. It could mean that automated software is targeting your ads and causing an unusual number of clicks. It could also mean that there was a peak period of clicks and the users have not yet registered.

Consistent review of the data on a day-to-day basis should help inform you as to whether this is a common occurrence or an anomaly related to a peak period of clicks.

Can I have a link to a landing page of my choosing?

Landing pages are defined by the merchant. As long as tracking is enabled on a given page, and it is offered in the creatives section,it can be linked to. If you wish to use a different landing page other than what is currently offered, please contact your affiliate manager.

Can I change the landing page and just attach the tracking variables?

No, this would not be feasible as the tracking code must never be modified. Making such modifications will break the tracking and if the landing page is not supported, tracking as a whole will not function. This would prevent relevant data from being tracked and displayed in the system reports. If you would like to have a different landing page made available, please consult your affiliate manager for access.

I just posted a new link on my site. How can I confirm if it is tracking?

There is a simple test that can be utilized if you want to confirm that your links are tracking. Pull the creative from the “Get your promotional materials” section of the system and copy the link to a Notepad document and save it as an HTML file. Clear your cookies/cache and then open the file with the same browser. Now click-through the creative.

When you check your cookies, you should find two tracking cookies, one from the affiliate site which measures clicks and impressions (if applicable) and a second from the merchant measuring sales and registrations. If these are not present, please contact your affiliate manager who will be happy to provide further assistance.

How can I confirm if a specific player has been tracked to my account?

You can see the player ID number and the player country (if applicable) in the “Account Report”. Player contact information, however, will not be available.


If I am a VAT registered affiliate (or registered for another tax), how do I communicate this information?

As you were required to enter a valid VAT number upon filling out your affiliate application, this information is already reflected in your account details. However, if you did not have this information available at the time of filling out your application, you can enter it by going to the “Account Details” section under the “My Account” module. For any further questions please contact your affiliate manager.

If I am a VAT registered affiliate, how can I obtain an invoice to remit for tax purposes?

As you were required to enter a valid VAT number upon filling out your affiliate application, this information is already reflected in your account details. However, if you did not have this information available at the time of filling out your application, you can enter it by going to the “Account Details” section under the “My Account” module. For any further questions please contact your affiliate manager.

If I am a VAT registered affiliate, how can I obtain an invoice to remit for tax purposes?

You can generate the required invoice by going to the “Generate Payment Invoices” section under the “My Account” module.

How can I verify that the payment details on file are correct? What payment methods are available?

You can check your current payment details and other payment methods offered in the program by going to the “Affiliate Payment Preferences” section under the “My Account” module.

For more details, please consult Updating your payment method.

How can I see how much I have been paid since I started promoting a program?

You can review how much you have been paid via the “Payment Report” or by reviewing your invoices. For more details, please consult the “Monitoring Payments” document in the help files.

Why I have earned commissions for a given period but am not getting paid?

Please consult your Terms and Conditions for the program, the minimum threshold to trigger affiliate commission is €100.

A manual bonus is to be allocated to my account. How can I check to make sure that it has been included in my payments?

You can review bonuses that have been allocated to your account via the “Payment Report” and when you request an invoice. Bonuses will not be factored into the Earnings Report, Account Report or Quick Summary.

When running a “Payment Report” for a given period, you will see a column specifically for “Bonus”. For more details, please consult “Monitoring payments document.